Giordano Bruno 2
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Rome heretic

The Romans called the meringue “spit of nun”, a type pasta, “fingers of the cardinal” and another long type “strangle priest”.
There is no doubt that centuries papal dominion, have created a sense desecrating in the soul of romans. But it is also a soul that still shows its because, in the history of the city. Still be seen it, the “torture rooms” in the underground of Castel Sant’Angelo, the prisons where even Galileo Galilei was forced to spend days or even many women blamed for witch.

The same ones that were burned in Campo de’ Fiori, in front of a large public that the execution had to draw the admonition to never go against the doctrines of the Christian Church. Penalty, be found guilty of heresy and sent to burn, just like sinners in hell.
At Campo de ‘Fiori there is perhaps one of the most symbolic statues for all those love and defend freedom. It’s Giordano Bruno statue, the philosopher who for not refusing his doctrine, and after many and long processes, was condemned and burned alive, precisely in that same square.

At Castel Sant’Angelo recommend going there during the day, perhaps balancing a walk in the gardens that around him, while Campo de’ Fiori is funny in the morning for his market or far in the evening to get a good glass of wine as an aperitif.