When beauty emotions...

landscapeIt's not easy to describe Rome. Many writers, artists or simple people tried to describe it and many people try to describe it to-day too.
In spring, the color of the sky is a special cobalt blue and the light is refracted between domes, palaces, monuments and streets we don't explain in a few words. For this reason, we quote a passage of “Quer pasticciaccio brutto di via Merulana”, written by a "milanese" who loved Rome, Carlo Emilio Gadda, to describe emotions that can evoke the eternal city…
"The brigadier pulled with foot and accelerates towards the fountain. From standing where the plane was full of house and descended to river. landscape2Rome's appeared expanse as a map or a plastic. Just smoked at Porta San Paolo: a cleansed near of infinite number of thoughts and buildings, which had cleansed the north wind and the onset of the warm south wind had a few hours later, with the usual carelessness, resolved easily and sweetly dilated images. The dome of mother of pearl; domes, towers, dark patches of pine. Elsewhere, ash-colored, elsewhere all pink and white veils in chrismation: a sugar to a paste in a morning of Scialoia. She looked like a large clock smashed on the ground that the chain of the Claudian aqueduct would tie...  joins… to the mysterious sources of the dream".


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